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    • 這句文法對嗎

      doesn't getting well along. no ones believe 以上文法是錯的 ---------------------------------------------- 第一個...因為是單人所以要用does 如果是兩人以上要用do 例句 We do not get along well (do not -> don't) 我們處不來 They do not get along well (do not ->...

    • 同位語片語 as well as, along with

      您的Grammar老師是對的,因為along with 和as well as 是代表 and 的意思,所以上面兩題的...才對. 您的觀念是對的!原二句中間的 along with my aunt and uncle 和as well as her two older sisters...

    • along with和as well as用法(急!!)

      ... ___ I is studying in the same high school. (A)along with(B)as well as(C)or(D)together with 三個選項都出現 但是答案是B 因為...