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    • 幹得好的
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    • well donedone well有何分別?

      well-done(adj) Well-done! 幹的好! do sth well(adv) You have done...well. 你已經將你的作業完美呈現. well adj. 令人滿意的 What you have done is well. 你所完成的東西令人滿意. 圖片參考:

    • Well done怎麼翻呢?

      Well done! 做的好! What a pity! 好可惜! How awful! 好糟糕! Cheer up! 開心點!

    • well done,worse done?

      英文沒有人在用Worst done喔 應該都是用Done badly, 或是 worst job 就像是人家會講good job, 但是人家不會用well job 所以 做不好是: Badly done, worst job 做的好是:Well done, good job