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  1. well-educated

    • adj.
    • 更多解釋
    • 受過良好教育的


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    • 翻譯一下英文@@(又看不懂了)@@

      ...學生詳細的敘述了他的同學們對那個老師所做的事情。 2.Sara is well-educated and knows herself very well; she has confidence in herself...

    • 我有問問問問問問問題~

      knit shirt /jersey 針織衫/球衣 physiology 生理 gorgeous 華麗 fabulous 極好 well-educated 受過良好的教育 roller skates 溜冰鞋 protective clothing 防護服 謝謝

    • 翻譯~敢愛敢恨的Becky......

      Both Amelia and Pinkerton are well educated with proper manners.  People are often sick of their...