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    • well- written 請英翻中,幫幫忙,謝謝!

      寫的很好。 其他類似的字眼: poorly written (寫的很爛 = wrote poorly)、well-done (做的很好 = did well)、well executed (執行的很好 = executed well)、

    • 英文高手!請幫我翻成英文!!!

      1.Large lift a pack 2.The last hair tail outside raises the fringe of well-executed dissymmetry

    • phrases from Canadian Business

      1. The white, "REFLECTIVE LETTERS" - 白色反光字樣 2. entry into the "PANTHEON" of iconic brands. 列入歷史上最成功,偶像級的廠牌/名牌 Pantheon = 古羅馬的萬神殿, 使用這裡指高高在上, 牌子偉大到可以供在殿裡崇拜的意思 3. The...