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    • 西方人,西部片,西部小說西方的,西洋的,西部的
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    • west/ western, north/ northern

      east , south, west adn north 是東面, 南面, 西面, 北面的意思 eastern, southern, western and northern 是東方的, 南方的, 西方的及北方的意思 The sun rises...

    • 關於great western trail drives

      ...大略跟你分享。 跟這個大概差不多,我沒很深入了解。 The Great Western Cattle Trail 這兩者大概是在談,這是一條道路的名稱, 就...

    • Western Europe!!懂英文和地理的請幫我一下吧!

      ...busy with big ships and small boats. 4. Much of the land in Western Europe is used for farming, but most people live in...