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  1. wet through

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    • 1. 濕透 We got wet through. 我們都濕透了。 My overcoat is wet through. 我的大衣完全濕透了。
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    • 英句分析-through

      ...透,徹底 You shouldn't have gone out in the rain -- you're wet through. 你原不應冒雨外出,這不,渾身濕透了。 a. (形容詞 adjective) 直達的,直通...

    • wet和humid的差別?(急10點)

      ...這多雨的天氣! n. (名詞 noun) 下雨(天氣)[the S] We went through the wet to the flower show. 我們冒雨前去參觀花展。 (雨後)潮濕的地面[the S...

    • reedbed的中文名稱

      ... are part of a succession from young reed colonising open water or wet ground through a gradation of increasingly dry ground. As reed beds age, they build...