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    • 一個片語的英文翻譯

      what's more是一個副詞作用的句子,解釋為:「而且、此外、更有甚者」 ,通常出現在銜接...more importantly 例句: They are going to get married, and what's more they are setting up bussiness together. He's dirty, and...

    • 英文文法不會-15點

      1.S+V.What's more,S+V.是什麼意思? S subject 主詞...學英文 2014-09-23 15:04:29 補充: What's more, = What is more, What's more,S+...

    • 句中what's more是什麼意思? 順便幫忙翻譯一下句子

      What's more = In addition = Aditionally = Furthermore = Moreover...