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  1. what do you expect?

    • ph.
      used to emphasize that there was nothing unexpected about a person or event, however disappointed one might be
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    • 英文句子翻成中文句

      What do you expect from university training within the limit of English education? 就僅在英語教學方面你對大學教育有什麼期盼呢?Within the limit of XXX 在此是指"XXX的範圍內"

    • 拜託英文達人回答 application的幾個問題(20點)

      ... always can share with each other about the high and low in our life. 二 what do you expect your host family(寄宿家庭)? Ans: I hope that my host family...

    • 徵英文翻譯高手 幾個句子而已 hace a very nice enviroment. I have been a secretary for one year. 6. What do you expect from the company and about the wage? A.I expect I can meet alot of...