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  1. what ever

    • ph.
      used for emphasis in questions, typically expressing surprise or confusion
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    • whatever it takes

      whatever it takes 當做「不計代價、窮盡一切努力來...」的意思時,用 do whatever it takes to... 最普遍。但不一定要這麼說... to ..., eat whatever it takes to ...,say whatever it takes to ... 等等。 以換句型來說,你可以...

    • whatever文法結構~~~拜託哩!!

      (1) V when “whatever” and “whoever” are used as pronouns as the...the subject indicating anything. => For the entire sentence, “whatever is done” is the subject. Whoever did that...

    • whatever拆成兩句

      You can do whatever you want. = You can do anything that you want. = If you want to do something...用兩句是無法表達原來句子裡所表達的重要條件:It does not matter whatever it is. 只能做為拆句練習。 2011-06-30 22:50:41 補充: whatever可以當作...