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    • howeverwhatever意思及用法

      ...difficult it is, I'll complete it. however 這裡是副詞 所以是用來修飾後面的形容詞difficult Whatever the difficulty it is, Ill complete...後面的名詞 difficulty 這兩個句子是一樣的意思 但後面就用的不一樣

    • HoweveryWhatevery的分別意思

      應該是howeverwhatever However有“卻”“但是”這些的意思。這跟“but“這個詞是可互換的。 ”I want to buy that apple...

    • Whatever

      無論如何的意思... however; anyhow; in any case; at any rate; at any price; at all costs; whatever happens; at all events; for all the world; for any sake; for anything; on all (or every) account(s); by any means; whether or no