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  1. wheel and axle

    • n.
      a simple lifting machine consisting of a rope which unwinds from a wheel on to a cylindrical drum or shaft joined to the wheel to provide mechanical advantage.
    • noun: wheel and axle, plural noun: wheels and axles

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    • 汽車專業英文翻譯

      Gear ratios vary depending on the vehicle engine displacement,axle ratio,and wheel and tire size. (變速箱的)齒輪比會按引擎的排氣量,傳動軸比例,車輪及輪胎...

    • 英文翻譯 The Wheel

      The Wheel(輪胎) 發明不會單獨存在.事物是一點一滴演變而來。有些是偶然產生,有些...

    • 腳踏車的十種專有名詞+造句(英文) be skinny to be completely smooth and off-road wheels are much wider and thicker. 3.座墊:腳踏車座墊舒適... the leg to turn the bottom bracket axle. 6.把手:把手讓騎車者能握緊以控制...