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  1. when

    • IPA[wen]



    • adv.
    • pron.
      甚麼時候; 何曾?;…的時候
    • conj.
    • 釋義


    • 1. 甚麼時候 when can I see you? 我甚麼時候可以見你? ask him when he wrote the letter 問問他是甚麼時候寫的那封信
    • 2. 在甚麼情況下 to know when to seek help 知道在甚麼情況下尋求幫助 when would such a rule be justifiable? 這樣的規定適用於甚麼情況?
    • 3. 在…的時候 the week when it all happened 發生這一切的那個星期 Sunday is the only day when I can relax 星期日是我唯一可以休息的日子
    • 4. 那時 ..., by when we will have received the information …,到那個時候我們就已得到消息了 ..., since when he has worked in publishing …,打那以後他一直在出版業工作


    • 1. 甚麼時候; 何曾? by when? 到甚麼時候? from when until when? 從甚麼時候到甚麼時候?
    • 2. …的時候 that was when it all went wrong 那時一切都亂了套 that's when I was born 那是我出生的那天


    • 1. 在…時 when he got home 他到家時 I was in the bath when the phone rang 我洗澡時電話鈴響了
    • 2. 在…期間 when you're in your teens 在你的少年時期 when sailing, always wear a life jacket 駕帆船航行時一定要穿救生衣
    • 3. 一…(就) when he arrives, I'll tell him 他一到我就會告訴他的
    • 4. 剛…(就) I had just sat down when he arrived 我剛坐下來他就到了
    • 5. 在…之後 when completed, the centre will be the largest of its kind 該中心竣工後將是同類中最大的
    • 6. 從…以後 when you've been to Scotland, you'll want to go again 去過蘇格蘭,還會想再去
    • 7. 每當…時 when I sunbathe, I get freckles 我每次日光浴都長雀斑 when (it is) necessary/possible 一有必要/可能
    • 8. 既然 why buy their products when ours are cheaper? 既然我們的產品更便宜,為甚麼要買他們的呢?
    • 9. 可是 you say he's stupid when in fact he's rather bright 你說他傻,可實際上他相當聰明