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  1. whereon

    • KK[hwɛrˋɑn]
    • DJ[hwɛərˋɔn]


    • ad.【古】
    • 釋義


    • 1. (疑問副詞)在什麼上面 Whereon do you rely? 你依靠什麼?
    • 2. (關係副詞)在那上面
    • 更多解釋
    • 在什?上面,在那上面


  2. 知識+

    • 關於oasis的新專輯內的英文

      ...18), is the name given to the great stone in Joshua's field whereon the ark was "set down." The Revised Version...

    • 請問英文有哪些形容詞 跟 Taiwan 發的音 尾巴 類似

      ...soupcon, spawn, swan, taiwan, tampon, taxon, teflon, thereon, tisane, toucan, trigon, tucson, upon, wan, whereon, whipsawn, withdrawn, xenon, yawn, yon, yuan, yukon, zircon這其中一個字應該會...

    • 想請問莎士比亞sonnet73

      The fundamental emotion [in Sonnet 73] is self-pity. Not an attractive emotion. What renders it pathetic, in the good instead of the bad sense, is the sinister diminution of the time concept, quatrain by quatrain. We have first a year, and the final season of it; then...