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  1. whether

    • IPA[ˈweðə(r)]



    • conj.
    • 釋義


    • 1. 是否 I wonder whether it's true 我不知道這是否是真的 the question is whether anyone is interested 問題是有沒有人感興趣
    • 2. 無論 whether or not sb./sth. does sth., whether sb./sth. does sth. or not 某人/某物無論是否做某事 you're going whether you like it or not! 不管喜歡與否,你都要去!
  2. 知識+

    • whether if 的差別

      When “whether” is the word to be used only, and NOT “if&rdquo...about whether John will be home safely from Iraq . I will look into whether John would come. The question of whether he should be fired...

    • if和whether的差別

      if和whether皆適用於【間接問句】 以下是間接...151102101533713871894280.jpg ※注意: 由 if / whether 引導的間接問句須為直述句! ※注意...come or not. 2.賓語提前時 以下: Whether this is true, I ...

    • whether文法

      ...隔開主要子句, 這就是副詞子句, 填現在式says. 第2題: I don’t know whether he ______to the party or not. whether子句是know的受詞, 是名詞子句而非副詞子句...