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  1. whether or no

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      總之, 無論如何, 不管怎樣
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    • 1. 總之, 無論如何, 不管怎樣 I told her I am not sure I can get the tickets she wants, but she wrote to tell us she would come, whether or no. 我告訴她不一定能搞到她要的票, 但她寫信說, 不管怎樣她都要來。 We must stick to our promise whether or no. 不管怎樣, 我們必須遵守諾言。


    總之, 無論如何, 不管怎樣

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      Whetheror not 和 whether or no whether.....or not 不管是不是 Whether you like it or not you still have...

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      no matter what = whatever = whether ~ or = no matter ~ or 四個擇一使用,表示 讓步的副詞子句*****

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      ...的專家了! 2012-01-06 11:17:42 補充: 上面五題都是表條件, 大多是if, unless, whether (or not), no matter what/when/who/where/ how, whatever/whenever/whoever/wherever/however開頭的子句.. 表...