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  1. which

    • KK[hwɪtʃ]
    • DJ[hwitʃ]


    • pron.
    • adj.
    • 釋義
    • 相關詞
    • pron.
    • 1. (用作疑問代名詞)哪一個,哪一些

      Which is my seat? 哪個座位是我的?

    • 2. (用做關係代名詞)那一個,那一些

      He also had a gun with which to defend himself. 他還有一把自衛用的槍。

      He invited us to dinner, which was very kind of him. 他邀請我們吃晚飯,他這麼做真是太客氣了。

    • adj.
    • 1. (用作疑問形容詞)哪一個,哪一些

      Which university did you go to, Oxford or Cambridge? 你上過哪所大學?牛津還是劍橋?

    • 2. (用作關係形容詞)這個,這些

      The doctor told him to give up smoking, which advice he took. 醫生囑他戒菸,他接受了這一忠告。

    • ph. 四面八方

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    • ph. 哪一隻腳受傷

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    • ph. 你喜歡哪一個

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    • ph. 觀望形勢後再做決定;見風使舵

    • ph. 觀望形勢後再做決定;見風使舵

    • ph. 觀望形勢後決定

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    • ph. 不知如何是好,不知如何擺脫困境

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    • IPA[wɪtʃ]



    • pron.
    • which (one) 哪一個

      I know which ones you'd like 我知道你想要哪一些

    • det
      哪個; 哪些
    • which way is the wind blowing? 風是朝哪個方向颳的?

      which books? 哪些書?

    • 哪一個,哪一些 conj…的哪一個,哪一些

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