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  1. while

    • IPA[waɪl]



    • conj.
    • n.
    • 名詞複數:whiles

    • 釋義
    • 片語


    • 1. 在…期間 he came while I was on the phone 我打電話時他來了 while in Spain I visited Madrid 我在西班牙時去了馬德里
    • 2. 與…同時 wait while I speak to him 我和他說會兒話,你等一下 ‘heels repaired while you wait’ “修鞋跟,立等可取”
    • 3. 只要 while there's life there's hope 有生命就有希望
    • 4. 然而; 可是 one person wants to go, while the other wants to stay 一個人想走,而另一個卻想留下 it's cold here, while in Scotland it's even colder 這裡很冷,可蘇格蘭天氣更冷
    • 5. 儘管 while the house is big, it is not in a very good state 儘管房子大,但狀況不是很好 the peaches, while ripe, didn't taste of much 這些桃子雖然熟了,但沒有甚麼味道


    • 1. 一段時間 a while ago or back 不久前 a good or long while ago/later 很久以前/以後


  2. 知識+

    • while和when的用法

      When 和 While 當連接詞,各自都有不少用法... the time at which; while: (和While 相通) 1...和When相通) 1.          While I understand what you say...

    • 關於while用法

      while用以形成表示動作或狀態繼續進行中的副詞子句,多用進行式(表示這是一條線形的背景),但沒有正在進行的意思時,也可用簡單式: While he was fighting in Germany, he was taken prisoner...

    • while & when????

      ...the phone rang, I was taking a shower(持續性動作). **while+進行式(持續性動作), 簡單式(突然性動作) Ex: While I ...