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  1. whipped

    • whip的動詞過去式、過去分詞
    • 相關詞
    • vt.
    • These boys are whipping tops. 這些男孩子正在抽陀螺。

      The rain whipped the window. 雨水拍打著窗戶。

    • vi.
    • n.[C]
    • The old man seldom used his whip on his horse. 老人很少用鞭子抽他的馬。
    • n.[C] 鞭打;笞刑;嚴懲

    • He could not possibly have endured a whipping. 他不可能受得住一頓鞭打。

    • abbr. = walks plus hits per inning pitched 每局讓打者上壘數

    • Without exception, every baseball pitcher hopes to have as low a WHIP as possible. 毫無例外地,每個棒球投手都希望自己每局讓打者上壘的次數越低越好。

    • whip的名詞複數

    • n.
    • to strike or lash sb. with a whip 用鞭子抽打某人
    • vt.
    • to whip sb. to death 把某人抽打致死

      the wind whipped the flames higher and higher 風把火焰越吹越高

    • vi.
    • the branches were whipping in the wind 枝條在風中搖曳

      the wind whipped across the open spaces 風呼呼地吹過空曠之處

    • n. 鞭打

    • to give sb. a whipping 鞭打某人

    • 鞭打,纏繞的綁法,笞刑

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    • 鞭子,抽打,車夫,攪拌器鞭打,揮動,攪拌,突然攫取,煽動,糾集

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    • 鞭策者

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