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  1. whirs

    • whir的名詞複數
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    • working together

      .../ we/ whee/ where/ when/ whereto/ whet/ whetting/ whetter/ whig/ whiggish/ whir/ whirring/ whirr/ whit/ white/ whiten/ whitening/ whitener/ whitewing/ ...

    • 超強英文高手幫幫忙~

      ...: dad, you're not much only jump up into the basket Parent: whirring ~ tired ~ Parent: good enough ~ (burp) Child: so delicious! ...

    • 尋找翻譯高手..幫我將這段文章翻成中文

      這不是文章,這是散文詩。讀的時候要注意,有的地方上一句跟下一句不能讀斷,好像 doors frozen to the floor, 凍固在地板上的門,就是指打不開的門。 walls too thin to hold the weight of what they heard. 他們聽到的話(聲音)是有重量的,而且重到薄薄的牆攔不住...