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  1. whiskey sour

    • n.
      a drink consisting of whiskey mixed with sugar and lemon or lime juice.
    • noun: whiskey sour, plural noun: whiskey sours

  2. 知識+

    • 請幫我這幾句話翻譯成中文..謝謝

      ...了。 (2) I am thinking about self-inducing aphasia with whiskey sours. Its kinda like method acting, but cool. I wonder if it will help...

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      ... cocktail霜凍雞尾酒 37.Southern comfort杏桃威士忌香甜酒 38.Whiskey sour威士忌酸酒-wild turkey野生土耳其 39.Whskey sour威士忌酸酒 40.Crme...