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  1. white alloy

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    • about tin!!!! science!! 20 pt

      ...alloys are: bronze, bell metal, Babbitt metal, die casting alloy, pewter, phosphor bronze, soft solder, and White metal. The most important salt formed is stannous chloride...

    • 一些關於science的英文問題 急 20點喔

      ...length, area, or volume. 2006-05-23 18:17:06 補充: 3. platinum,white gold .4. alkali metals, alkali earth metals, transition...and noble gases 2006-05-23 18:17:27 補充: 5. "alloy", they are referring to aluminum, but in actuality...

    • 請英文專家幫忙翻譯關於煙火的文章!^^

      ... powder from Mg and Al. When those metal burn will have bright white light. Light composition actually is metal alloy. The metal alloy contains metal particles that when they ...