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  1. white bread

    • ph.
      (由精製的麵粉製作的)白麵包(亦作white loaf)
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    • 食品專業英文翻譯 急~!!

      The effects of consumptionof white bread (low fiber) and brown bread (high fiber) on the fecal ...includedin their normal diet for one-week period in turn, white bread and brown bread(230–320 g/d). Fecal samples...

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      White bread 2 Ham a Cucumber 1 / 2 1 whole egg Amount of mayonnaise...

    • 英文翻譯,有關昇糖指數(GI)

      ...glucose response compared to a reference food, which is either glucose or white bread. GI的概念是將食品建立在他們實際上餐後的血糖反應去比較參照食物...