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  1. white room


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    • 釋義


    • 1. (醫院的)無菌室;絕塵室
    • 2. 最清潔的房屋
    • 3. (供組裝精密零件的)潔白室(= clean room)
  2. 知識+

    • 醫療期刊翻譯,贈點20

      The White Room influences the child because of its design... according to a plan set in advance, in the White Room it is the child who stands at the epicenter...

    • Mr. White is a good friend of

      ... sister's a good friend.--------(X) Mr. White is a good friend of my sister's.-------(O...39 補充: 第二個問題Do you have your own room?不等於Do you have room yourself?其實第二句...

    • 可否幫忙翻譯以下幾個產業英文名稱..10點

      ...連接線材, link a machine連接器, palm electronics product掌上電子產品, wafer labor晶圓代工, white room engineering無塵室工程, give out light diode發光二極體, notebook筆記型電腦...