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  1. white walnut

    • n.
      another term for butternut
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    • 急急急~幫忙甜點中文介紹翻譯成英文版

      ... the almond cake with caramel cream filling and re-tropical fruit with white chocolate and then with the Mu Adams and caramelized walnut pieces to make the cake as a whole showing a different sense of depth.

    • 糯米的英文到底是什麼

      ... grass--Coix lacryma-jobi--having white, beadlike grains)糙米 unpolished rice; brown rice小麥 wheat...] a peanut; an earthnut; (Br.) a monkey-nut核桃 a walnut腰果 a cashew nut; a cashew芝麻 [Botany] sesame; gingili...

    • 五穀雜糧類的英文~拜託幫解答

      ... grass--Coix lacryma-jobi--having white, beadlike grains) 糙米 unpolished rice; brown rice 小麥...] a peanut; an earthnut; (Br.) a monkey-nut 核桃 a walnut 腰果 a cashew nut; a cashew 芝麻 [Botany] sesame; gingili...