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  1. whomever

    • IPA[ˌhuːmˈevə(r)]



    • pron.
    • 釋義


    • 1. …的人 he agreed to serve under whomever the party chose 他同意在該黨派選出來的人手下供職 the report should be submitted to whomever they entrust the inquiry to 報告應該提交給他們委託調查的人
    • 2. …的任何人 you are free to contract with whomever you please 你願意找誰簽約就找誰 he was free to marry whomever he chose 他相中了誰就可以和誰結婚
    • 3. …的每一個人 tell whomever you know 告訴你認識的每一個人
    • 4. 無論誰 whomever he told, nothing would change 無論他告訴了誰,一切都不會發生變化 whatever the letter, and to whomever, it is a marketing letter 不管信的內容是甚麼,也不管是寫給誰的,這都是一封促銷信