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  1. wild man


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    • 千面人的英文

      ...新聞所使用字眼 民視英文新聞 the man responsible for poisoning Bull Wild man/ suspect 英文中國郵報 The China Post poisoned ...

    • 哪裡可以找到national geoeraphic的中文翻譯

      National Geographic 國家地理雜誌,目前,國內並沒有中文翻譯本,網路也沒出現過,她涵蓋了生物界和科學界的科目介紹,你或妳可嘗試讓專業人士翻譯,說不定可由無到有,這個“有”,可讓你或妳名利雙收

    • The Country of the Blind 關於翻譯

      Three hundred miles from Chimborazo, in the wildest part of the Andes , there lies that mysterious mountain valley, cut off from the world of men, called the Country of the Blind. 距離Chimborazo...