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  1. wilderness area


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    • 請問stock user的stock是什麼意思?

      ...on conflicts between hikers and stock users in three western wilderness areas 首先把焦點放在西部三個荒野地區,徒步旅行者和帶著馬或騾子旅行或露營的...

    • 生態保護區的英文

      ...保留(給印第安人居住的) 區域[C] reserve 保留地;保護區;禁獵區[C] wilderness area 【美】(禁止在內建築的)荒野保護區 endangered 瀕臨絕種的

    • 修改句型跟替代同義字(20點)

      一 ->It's speaking of the final wilderness area on this planet- the rain forest ->The shelter...realize the advantage and importance of saving these areas. -> Let`s hope that we and the ...