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    • 畢業紀念冊想用英文歌詞

      I Will Remember You by Sarah McLachlan I will remember... you're lost you can look And you will find me, Time after time If you fall I...

    • 急用..英文翻譯 我會永遠記得你,你也要永遠記者會我

      ...You will be part of me forever, and I will be part of you forever too." "I will remember you eternally , and you will remember me eternally too." "I will keep you in my...

    • remember的相關問題

      ...remember me asking you the same question? 你記得我問過你相同的問題嗎? *而另 remember + 人 + to + 人/代名詞, 則...ex. Please remember me to Mr. Wang...動作已經做了哦) ex. I will remember to mail the letter...