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    • satisfied customers翻譯成滿意的顧客嗎?

      .... 2011-01-04 10:44:16 補充: 沒有前後文,不好解釋。不過,若只有 willingness to pay 三個字,只是「付款的意願」,沒有「自願」的意思。my own willingness...

    • 請大家幫我將以下內容翻譯成英文,感恩

      ... a questionnaire, this research aims at understanding the willingness of people in Wen-Fon Village to develop sightseeing...

    • 英文句文法問題

      ...來看, 版主理解才是對的 +1. 否則, 第二段 coverage and willingness to adress 沒有意義 以及第三段 the designation could...reimbursement for weight-loss drugs — and greater willingness by doctors to address and treat the condition among...