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    • 1. 風力發電 The ruling party of Taiwan maintains that wind power is the answer to Taiwan's energy shortage problem. 台灣目前的執政黨認為風力發電能夠解決能源短缺的問題。
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    • 幫我中文翻英文感恩

      Recently the wind power turbine research develops much emphatically in the vertical axle center wind power turbine... its shaft lever is the vertical rotation, the vertical axle center wind power turbine namely does not have to adjust its localization along with the wind direction...

    • 急需 幫忙解答英文的句型分析 20點

      The optimizationⓐ (of wind power capacity) ⓑfor an electric power systemⓒ study is doneⓐ to determine the optimal wind power installation ⓑfor a typical ⓒisolated...

    • 求幫忙翻譯科技文章摘要(風力發電) 急需 20點

      Optimal planning for wind power capacity in an electric powersystem 電力系統中風力電能的...estimate the spinning reservedepending on the uncertainty of wind power generation and load demand forecast.Within the probabilistic...