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  1. windfall profit

    • n.
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    • 請問這幾個的英文~

      ...英文當中到是有一個單字表示不勞而獲的事物(通常指的是錢): (a) windfall, a windfall profit, a windfall gain 如果再要按照字面翻的話: to gain something without (much) effort...

    • 請告訴我與股票有關的英文單字

      ...the big board =大盤 the ups and downs of the stock market=股市行情 windfall profit=暴利 這樣可以吧?

    • 英文~看文章回答~英文回答~

      Q: In P4, what does generic drug mean? What are the contextual clues for its meaning? What is its opposite expression? A: Generic drug means the drug whose patent has...