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  1. wine glass

    • IPA[ˈwʌɪnɡlɑːs]


    • n.
      a glass with a stem and foot, used for drinking wine.
    • noun: wine glass, plural noun: wine glasses

  2. 知識+

    • She broke a ____ while washing

      She broke a ( wine glass ) while washin up. 當然是打破裝酒用的酒杯,而不是一杯酒囉 (1) wine glass...

    • whose tradition it was to pass

      ...虛主詞 it 來引導句子,真主詞是 to pass around the wine glass... 的不定詞片語。 用還原成兩句的方式可以看出來... tradition it was to pass around the wine glass from which..... 總結說,這個 whose tradition it...

    • 麻煩高手翻譯成英文(關於一下段fridays文章)

      ... juggling on various kinds of wine bottles and wine glasses;. Sometimes including masked cocktails to entertain...