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    • 1. 寒假 The Chinese New Year always comes during winter vacation. 春節總是在寒假期間。 When will winter vacation start? 寒假什麼時間開始?
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    • 需要英文的作文~星5前~~20點

      My winter vacation It was very cold in this winter vacation. However, it was... of places for playing and visiting. In my winter vacation, I really missed my classmates so I hope ...

    • 麻煩大家!急!!!誰能幫我的寒假規劃文章中翻英謝謝

      The winter vacation plans Concerning two weeks of winter vacation, have to do the...very representative festival, hope to pass through very happily, can increase a color for this winter vacation.New Year's Day not outside is have a reunion...

    • 幫我想一下這題目如何write

      My winter vacation After a long semester, a winter break is like a grace from God...一樣的是 我們的寒假是在新年的附近而不是聖誕節 In Taiwan, winter break and Chinese New Year are like salt and sugar, always...