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    wish fulfillment

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    • 塔羅牌裡的聖杯9

      ... family can give and share. A time of pleasure and satisfaction and the fulfillment of a cherished wish. The psyche is rescued from the darkness of the underworld with inner...

    • 能幫我翻譯一下好嗎

      當妳對星星許願時 是誰許的願望並無差別 只要是妳心所嚮往的 它都將會對妳實現 當妳的心沉浸於妳的夢想之時 沒有任何的期望會是太過極端 當妳對星星許願之時 就如同所有的許願者一般沒差別 宿命是寬大仁慈的 它將降臨到那蘊含著愛的人們 滿足他們所有私秘渴望 By...

    • 請問下面著麼翻譯中文

      ...we can still find the incomplete behind the forces of life, seeking self fulfillment. I wish everyone hearts shannian, enlightened, warm others according...