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  1. wish someone joy

    • ph.
      congratulate someone
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    • Here is to+N做何解釋

      ...up their glasses and then drink as an expression of good wishes to someone or hope for the success of something Here's to the happy couple...phrase, often used in toasts, for success or to express joy.

    • Ode to the West Wind~急!贈15點

      ...keynote in the poem is Shelley's ever-present wish for himself and his fellow men to share the... hoping for the realization of the freedom and joy that is enjoyed by the west wind. The...

    • 封面要打有關結婚的英文句子....

      ...lovely baby!祝您們早生貴子!May the joy and happiness around you today and always.願快樂 time of wonderful dreams come true, wish you both every happiness.2. You don't marry to someone you can live with, you marry to someone ...