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  1. wish someone well

    • ph.
      feel or express a desire for someone's well-being
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    • 這英文幫我翻譯一下~謝謝

      ... regarding his/her own for the sex. I do as well. I relly wish that I could meet someone and have wonderfu sex as you mentioned due to I did have real...

    • such a fat pig like you這文法有錯嗎?

      ... the representative of filth and laziness, not obesity exactly. so if you wish to insult someone who is fat, well, fat is actually an abusing vocabulary, you can say, "how could you be...

    • 英文翻中文

      ...well and would really like to get to know someone from Taiwan which is the best place to be! 我國語說的很好, 非常...網路身分 take care and best wishes, 保重, 祝福你 2007-12-14 05:02:18...