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  1. with a view to

    • ph.
      with the hope, aim, or intention of
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    • 英文-關於with a view to的用法

      They bought the building with a view to converting it into holiday homes. I came to this school...

    • 請問英文高手 一個英文文法問題

      (D) 這邊的with a view to 中的to是屬於介係詞, 當介係詞遇到動詞時,動詞需要+ing改為動名詞當名詞作為...等同於with an eye to 這裡的to皆為介係詞!後面動詞要+ving 那麼!如何分辨與with a view to 和in order to兩者中to的差異性呢?? 嗯..可以這麼說,大多數片語中的to都是...

    • 一個句子英文翻譯

      ... no efforts to help the rich widow (X window X) with a view to cheating her of her money. 他對那個富裕寡婦千依百順, 真正...