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    with abandon

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    • with abandon的例句

      with (gay/wild) abandon---- 無法控制,瘋狂 The students cheered with abandon,waiving their arms and shouting.學生們揮臂吶喊瘋狂的歡呼 They danced with wild abandon.他們很瘋狂的舞著

    • with wild abandon...???

      Though he exaggerates with wild abandon, Golgfag is still the most successful of all Ogre mercenary captains. 既使充滿了狂野的天性,高發哥還是傲獸傭兵隊長之中最有成就的一隻!

    • 英文文法~幫我分析句型~詳細一點喔~

      He performed a few gambols with such abandon that the child uddenly saw him to be a...(V) a few gambols(O) "with such abandon"(副詞片語) that(從屬連接詞) the child(子句...