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  1. with ease

    • ph.
      容易地; 從容地
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    • ph.
    • 1. 容易地; 從容地

      We should be able to complete the work with ease by the end of the year, provided that we encounter no unforeseen difficulties. 只要我們遇不到意外的困難, 我們就能在年底前輕鬆地完成這項工作。

      He passed the test with ease. 他輕而易舉地考及格了。


    容易地; 從容地


    「容易地; 從容地」的反義字

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      ... the lightest of all the carrier oil, it will spray throuhgt a pump sprayer with ease. This is also makes it handy for massage therapists...

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      6 with ease (從容地) E.g. Their team won the game with ease. 7 with difficulty (有困難地) E.g. He reads the novel with difficulty. 10 at the foot of (在...下面) E.g. He lives at...

    • Ease of perception

      ...use 容易使用 Computer games are now designed with ease of use to attract kids at a lower age group.