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    with enthusiasm

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    • 熱忱與有效率的英文

      ... got enthusiasm and effective performance Our team works with enthusiasm and efficiency.

    • The word 'Convince' IDK.

      ...說服他們你對這份工作有熱枕。 You'll need to convince them with your enthusiasm for the job. 你必須用你對這份工作的熱枕來說服他們。 of 在這裡是表示...

    • 請解釋這個字 ”enthusiasm”

      哈哈,你也有玩這套遊戲阿,難度頗高耶 enthusiasm KK: [] DJ: [] n. (名詞 noun) 1. 熱心,熱情,熱忱[C][U][(+for/about)] The proposal was greeted with great enthusiasm. 這個建議受到熱情的響應。