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  1. with it

    • ph.
      了解時代潮流和意識; 敏感的;(指衣物和穿著者)時髦的
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    • ph.
    • 1. 了解時代潮流和意識; 敏感的

      Come on -- get with it! 好啦--時髦點兒吧!

      He's not very with it today. 他今天有點遲鈍。

    • 2. (指衣物和穿著者)時髦的

      She's more with it now than she was 20 years ago. 她比20年前時髦了。

    • adj. 【口】時髦的

    • ph. 和……做愛

    • ph. 和……做愛

    • ph. 活躍起來,繁忙起來

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    • ph. 精通世故,深知內情

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    • ph. 局外人,與之無關

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    • ph. 拿走,說出來,講講看

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    • ph. 【俚】與某人性交

    • She was having it away with a neighbour while her husband was away on business. 她在丈夫出差時跟鄰居發生了性關係。

    • ph. 【俚】吵嘴; 打架

    • Don't try mixing it with me -- I've got a gun! 別想跟我打架--我可有槍!

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    • 英文翻譯中文Just keep with it

      Just keep with it, and you will get there.是一般常見用於勉勵人要有毅力的一句話。 意指"只要堅持,就能達成目標。" stay motivated .your goal never out of reach .這句意思是:保持積極,你的目標就不會遙不可及。

    • 英文 10點 ”what with it

      ...愛好者。 I had a ""sip"" only,<==what with it being laced with alcohol. it在此強調"sip"這一口。 what with...

    • gaze with its hollow black.??

      1.The king met his gaze with its hollow black eyes 國王凝視著他空洞的黑眼睛。 2.The king met his gaze with its hollow black eyes 國王見他用空洞的黑眼睛凝視著。