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    with one's back to the wall

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    • 請翻譯下列英文諺語(英翻中)

      ...back." One must "watch one's back", or one may end up "with one's back up against the wall"; worse yet, someone may "stab one in the back", but hopefully a friend...

    • 我要有關身體部位的片語(急)

      ... stomach to kiss him. 譯:要我去親他真是噁心。 12.陷入困境:『have one's back to the wall』 例:I have my back to the wall when study math. 譯:當我在讀數學...

    • 英文作文- A special memory (( 急需

      ...we went to grandparents's house to decorate it (with shells). They are still on the wall today (better than "now" because usually...