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  1. with one's nose in the air

    • ph.
      【口】非常傲慢; 自高自大
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    • 1. 【口】非常傲慢; 自高自大 She walked past us with her nose in the air. 她從我們身旁走過, 神氣得鼻孔朝天。
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    • ph.


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    • 我不會片語翻譯 20點 各位英文高手

      ...說服他 但徒勞無功 I tried to persuade him, but with no success. with one s nose in the air 高傲地 5.她高傲地走過我身旁 She walked past me with...

    • 中譯英:她高傲地走過我身旁

      She walks in front of me with her nose in the air.

    • 英文翻中文

      ...我跳的夠高,我就能享用那些葡萄了。 So the fox jumped up toward the grapes,but... fox walked away from the grapevine with his nose in the air, saying, 這隻狐狸離開了這株葡萄藤,然後...