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  1. with respect

    • ph.
      懷著敬意; 以慎重態度
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    • ph.
    • 1. 懷著敬意; 以慎重態度

      Electricity is potentially dangerous, so treat it with utmost respect. 電這東西有著潛在的危險, 所以應該小心對付才是。

      She is always treating her teachers with respect. 她一向對她的老師敬重有加。

    • ph. 關於, 至於; 就...而言; 在...方面

    • With respect to the recent flood, please report the number of drowned sheep. 請將在最近的大水中淹死的羊的數目報來。

      This is true with respect to English but not to French. 這一點在英語屬實而在法語則不同。

    • ph. 有關

    • It's going to raise a lot of problems with respect to atmosphere pollution. 這將會引起許多有關環境汙染方面的問題。

    • ph. (用在表示異議、提醒注意等前的謙語)盡管(對閣下)尊敬之至

    • With all due respect to your correspondents, I do not think they have answered my question. 盡管對貴報記者尊重之至, 可我依然認為他們並沒有回答我的提問。

    • ph. 至於,關於

    • ph. 給予應有的尊重

    • With all due respect, may I ask you why you are so dissatisfied with me? 我給予你應有的尊重,但我可不可以問你為什麼對我這麼不滿意?

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