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  1. with that

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      接著, 然後
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    • 1. 接著, 然後 With that, he turned on his heel and fled. 接著, 他轉過身溜了。 He threw the papers on the table, and with that he stalked out. 他把文件扔在桌上, 接著就昂首闊步地走了出去。


    接著, 然後

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    • 誰是英文高手

      ... and with that he got out some boards這是一句片語﹐意思是: 利用那個(東西...是:He had just borrowed a ladder from his neighbor, and with that he got out some boards他剛剛向他的鄰居借了一把梯子﹐然後他...

    • What's wrong with that?可翻譯成?

      那是有什麼問題嗎? 那(件事情)有任何問題嗎?

    • 什麼是You’re boring me with that?

      You're boring me with that same line. 盡說那些爛掉的老套,你真無趣(或說"你煩不煩啊")! ...