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    with the advancement of

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    • 英文 幫忙解答一下

      1.with the advancement of modern____people benefit tremendously... is very____of you to come to visit me... spring WE enjoy the cool____ from the sca<... tricks with _____skills<...

    • 一段有關飛機的英文需要中文翻譯

      With all of the advancements and changes that have occurred in the industry... 解除管制 market share 市場佔有率 a wide range of 範圍極大的,各種不同的。

    • 想請問幾句倒裝句的英文文法

      ...) 3. It is possible to build a spacecolony in other planets with the advancement of space technology(Adv). → With the advancement of space technology(Adv...