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    with the aid of

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    • i watch birds withe the aid of

      ...telescope: 望遠鏡的幫助 with: 藉由(不是withe,拼字錯誤) with the aid of a telescope:藉由望遠鏡的幫助 希望這樣你會懂

    • Time 句構解析請教

      ...term for when an executive demonstrates a new product for an audience, usually with the aid of a nervous tech-support guy. 當你要寫有關科技的東西時,你會去看許多展示﹙demo...

    • 汽車專業英文翻譯10

      ...必須置於上死點中心 The flywheel is blocked in this position with the aid of a special tool. (這句已更正英文) 飛輪(須)在此位置以特殊工具協助卡死 2...