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    with the aim of

    • ph.
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    • 英文短句翻譯(翻譯網站別來)

      ...樓主解惑,有問題歡迎再發問喔:) 2010-04-22 20:55:00 補充: 文法方面, ○ with the aim of 為了..的目的而~ 後面+V-ing ○ went to 前往,去~ ※ went是go的...

    • 有關於醫學的東西...希望有人可以幫忙

      The aim of this prospective study, therefore, was to examine the use of the TUG performed at discharge with people with hip fracture who were discharged directly to their...

    • 這些片語該怎麼造句?

      1 the aim of ... is to V 2 to be replaced with 3 to react to 4. so... that 5 to make...role in the affairs, . in which . the aim of taxation is to be imposed...