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  1. with the best of them

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      跟別人一樣好, 不比任何人差
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    • 1. 跟別人一樣好, 不比任何人差 At sixty he still plays tennis with the best of them. 他六十歲了, 可網球打得和別人不相上下。
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      ...看來好像於時態不合. (2)Bianca helped her friends with the best of intentions, but what she did had caused them even more trouble. 話線的那段話 did 馬上+had caused 兩...

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      ...environment in which organizational members can work to the best of their ability. 建立一種工作環境使組織成員在當中可以...管理性質的。 4. Often have to make do with limited resources. 經常必需以...