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    • 1. 在...的幫助下 With the help of a passer-by, I carried the injured person into a shop. 在一個過路人的幫助下, 我把傷者抬進了一家商店。
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    • 英文:for與with

      ...包!! 我們首先來簡單地分析一下這個句子: With the help of a friend, she took her father to...這樣才正確。 所以我們也可以說: A friend helped her, for she wanted to take ...

    • 一小段英文句子翻譯

      with the help of this paper hawk he was able to know the wind direction and the distance to the enemy. with such useful information. 藉由紙製老鷹的協助,他能夠知道風向以及和敵方的距離究竟有多遠。透過如此有益的資訊,……

    • 請幫忙解釋這一句子的文法結構(三)

      ... fault; on the contrary, you did a very good 至於你所提到的with the help of的片語,則是當形容詞用或副詞用都可以有它的解釋:(1) 形容詞,表示"有"...